DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets

High level fire resistance – 9 times higher than US standard

90 minutes – development and timeline of a fire

In the event of a fire, the 90 minutes of tested fire protection is the decisive factor in protecting human life and minimising damage to property. DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets with fire resistance rating Type 90 allow sufficient time for workers to leave the room in the event of a fire and allow the fire brigade sufficient time to get into the laboratory. Just before a smaller extinguishable fire from stored flammable substances causes an uncontrollable fire. The cabinet is tested under fire conditions as standard.

The benefits of our 90-minute technology

  • Safety storage cabinets Type 90 retain their function for 90 minutes.
  • The hazardous substances are stored safely for at least 90 minutes.
  • The fire brigade has considerably more time to extinguish the fire safely.
  • Reduced fire load and minimised damage.

Your benefits through DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets Type 90

  • A chain reaction will be avoided in case of fire.
  • Workers, the fire brigade, and rescue services will be protected.
  • Maximum fire protection for buildings and systems.
  • Reduction of insurance contributions for fire protection is possible.
  • Financial security, e.g. by reducing the risk of default of production and buildings.
  • Fulfilment of the requirements of risk management in accordance with ISO 9000 and ISO 14001.
  • Use of high-quality safety storage cabinets conserves resources and strengthens the image of your company.

Extreme testing of the Type 90 DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinet

Prevention using smart technology

With Smart Control and the right choice of sensors, processes can be efficiently optimised and the level of prevention adapted to individual requirements.

Sensors - always the right pulse generator

Every operator is responsible for the safety of users and their activities along the entire internal process chain. Reliable sensors for monitoring the operational status are a fundamental requirement here. The example applications shown here can individually adapted to your requirements:

Temperature monitoring

For storage of substances for which self-ignition cannot entirely be ruled out, e.g. lithium ion batteries, temperature sensors are recommended for prevention. These act as an early warning system for detection of thermal events in the cabinet interior.

Ventilation monitoring

Particularly when charging batteris, the exhaust function must be continuously (24/7) in operation and monitored to prevent any accumulated heat energy inside the cabinet.

Door status

The doors of safety storage cabinets must be kept closed after use, this applies especially, if the properties of the stored material bears any safety risks. This sensor can provide an easy way to monitor the status of the door (open/closed).

SMS fault notification

For early fire detection with automatic alarm forwarding a fault notification via SMS, e.g. to fire department and responsible persons is possbible.

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